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Opochtli Podcast #157 - Dealing with inpatient idiot jerk drivers

JAN 16, 2020: If you're feeling extra sensitive or emotional right now, don't fight it. Turn to your family for the comfort you need. Even just a short phone call could make you feel much better. Don't worry if you're experiencing some sad feelings. It's nothing to be concerned about. You're an imperfect human, and it's a healthy thing to process all your feelings, both the positive "it's going to be a great day" feelings and the negative "I don't want to get out of bed" feelings.

Opochtli Podcast #156 - Tribalism and Machiavelli

JAN 15, 2020: You have excellent self-control right now, but are you using it for the right reasons? Resisting temptation is a good way to use this strength you have, but subjugating your emotions is not. Controlled anger is still anger, make no mistake about it. You have got to let your emotions out today. Step right up to that person you've been avoiding and get things out into the open. Avoiding the topic isn't a sign that you're in control of your life.

Opochtli Podcast #155 - 400 Kangaroo Burgers in 2 days?

JAN 14, 2020: Socialize as much as you can today, in every arena. There's always a way to connect with other people, whether you're sitting in a waiting room, standing in line, or taking notes in an important work meeting. Exposing yourself to a lot of unfamiliar energy will feed your curiosity. How do other people think? Contact with others will also give you new ideas on how to deal with your own issues. There are a lot of fun conversations to be had. Go out and have them!


Opochtli Podcast #153 - Story premise about stored memory in your DNA that can be extracted through sacrafice and ritual

JAN 7, 2020: The best lesson you learn today won't be found in the same old place. You're going to have to move as far outside your comfort zone as you can stand to go in order to get the nutritious input that your brain is hungry for. Experimentation is the key to keeping yourself sharp right now, so branch out and try out a few new tricks you've been toying with. Through trial and error, you will eventually perfect your technique and establish a whole new best practice.

Opochtli Podcast #152 - New Years Eve and Loitering Trucks

DEC 31, 2019: It is never too late to make a good impression on someone whose opinion you value. Do not give up if the last few times you encountered this person you were not exactly having a shining moment. No one is perfect all of the time—not even you! Today, when you get some face time with them, don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to blow their socks off. Just be yourself. Engage them in some friendly conversation, listen attentively, and they'll be impressed. Asshole white truck loitering in the neighborhood...

Opochtli Podcast #151 - Wrapping up 2019

DEC 30, 2019: An exciting, vibrant energy is coming into your world today—to amplify its effect, you should put yourself out there. Get yourself into a situation that isn't completely comfortable for you—you will be able to master it. Intimidated by the cool clique? Sidle up and say hi. Anxious about getting on the elevator with your recent crush? Tell them to hold the doors! Hop in and start some small talk. No matter how daunting the situation today, you'll rise to the occasion.

Opochtli Podcast #150 - Online Podcasting Scams and Business practices

just discussing some scam like business practices that only Joey Diaz could teach (Podcasting awards and the Podcasters clubhouse)

Opochtli Podcast #149 - Depression makes Diamonds

DEC 26, 2019: You and a friend make a very good combination, and other people are starting to notice it. Be prepared to take on a higher profile and a lot more responsibility. (But remember that you will have to share both the work and the credit.) In your personal life, you are entering an enduring phase of harmony. Everyone in your group of friends seems to be in sync, and you all are going to be having a great time together, no matter what you're doing.

Opochtli Podcast #148 - White Elephant with the Black Sheep

DEC 23, 2019: Someone who you thought was on your side, and whom you've been relying on as a confidant, might be acting as a double agent in a relatively trivial caper. If you've been planning an event for a friend, resist the urge to delegate too much to someone who seems just a little bit too eager to help. This person may have an ulterior motive. While you shouldn't doubt the people you love and trust, be a bit wary of people who haven't yet proved themselves to you.

Opochtli Podcast #147 - Astrological Puddles and Star Wars: the Rise of the Skywalker

my indigenous Aztec-Mayan-Inca Past life and new star wars rise of the Skywalker movie...

DEC 20, 2019: Unleash your naturally warm nature today, and everyone you meet will greet you with a bright smile and a hearty hello. Friendly folks are going to send good vibes your way, which will put some strong winds in your sail and help you toward the end of the day, when your energy might start to fade. It may help you to know that behind the scenes, things are really picking up. You may not be aware of it, but all signs are pointing toward a definite success.

Opochtli Podcast #146 - Some people expect too much from their I.T. guys

ranting about being disrespected and used as a crutch by employees as an information technology employee

Opochtli Podcast #145 - let’s get this humpday over with

your favorite day to hump, but I have to work...

Opochtli Podcast #144 - Running on the Streets with my Tarahumara Feet

omw to work on this 18 degree farenheit day acting like everything is okay

Opochtli Podcast #143 - Tarahumara Life Motivational Message YT

Short podcast today because I want to listen to Smile Bitch by Lil Duval before work:


Opochtli Podcast #142 - Asking a stranger if they need a ride in the 70’s

just a random discussion on giving strangers rides

Opochtli Podcast #141 - Jazz lose to Thunder and I lose my hope

just omw to work on this beautiful inversionless day

Opochtli Podcast #140 - Larry’s thumb dislocated by PolyBully

just omw for OT in Silent Hill, Utah recounting stories from high school

Opochtli Podcast #138 - 1 Year aniversario after accident

just looking back at 12/5/2018 when I was rear ended by a negligent driver and failed by the local police department.. omw to work again

Opochtli Podcast #136 - NBA 2K20 My League mode is broke and sucks

I tried nba 2k20, happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Opochtli Podcast #135 - Podbean continues to crash

redoing episode #135 since podbean crashed and deleted the episode-- Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Opochtli Podcast #131 - Use your PTO (Paid Time Off)

discussing paid time off and how not to horde it when you work in office corporate environments

Opochtli Podcast #130 - Allegorical Toltec Aztec Mayan Inca Traditions

Learning from the Jews to recreate our lost culture and traditions before its lost by colonial relentless oppression

Opochtli Podcast #129 - The Hood Pope

demons chasing me, cause they want my dome

Opochtli Podcast #128 - DACA will be revoked? RZA spits fire on JRE

almost shit my pants thinking I was getting pulled over and Rza with the hot fire

Opochtli Podcast #127 - Ok Boomer

aaron Zabriskie and office politics

Opochtli Podcast #126 - Why put Bumper Stickers people can’t read?

trying to read some small ass text on the bumper stickers omw to work this morning...

Opochtli Podcast #123 - Running into Manolo y los rieleros del norte

on my way to my dentist appointment and I tell a story of running into manolo y los rieleros del norte at la Rumba

Opochtli Podcast #122 - Remembering the impact of the ‘08 recession

Just recollecting a story of a lady who fought management over $3.50 during the recession because it was unfair

Opochtli Podcast #121 - Bickering Family and Food Poisoning

just dealing with health issues and ranting about shitty family members

Opochtli Podcast #115 - Call Centers and Mental Health

on my way to grab some grub with the fam and was motivated to do a back to back podcast today. I discuss mental health in the context for the telecommunications industry...

Opochtli Podcast #114 - Kakashi Hatake: the man who lost everything & the difference between Tik Tok and Rumbl apps

Featuring "Sage's run" story of Kakashi and I give you a quick rundown of the difference between the apps Rumbl and Tik Tok as the compete in their short video social media apps

Opochtli Podcast #113 - Waiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare

sorry I think the audio stopped recording at some point... waiting for COD to finish with steven and sunny

Opochtli Podcast #111 - Misconception of the Silent Native American

I have a new role and was subjected to subtle racisim yesterday at work...

Opochtli Podcast #110 - SJC scammed me, Landon Tells scams me and I’m taken aback

omw to work telling how sjc and landon tells scammed me recently and why im a POS for donating to begin with...