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Opochtli Podcast #275 - January 1st, 2022 (First of the year)

January 1, 2022

You’ve been comparing your journey to others, Leo. You’ve been giving yourself grief about not doing and being enough. But, what if this is *your* toxic trait, one that’s keeping you chained to the lower realms of existence? This is the year to let go of that false sense of competition as you commit to being better than the past version of yourself. This is the only way to become who you were always meant to be, beautiful.

Cosmic tip: Let go of that false sense of competition.

Opochtli Podcast #274 - Goals and Happy New Year

Dec 31, 2021 - Today, Leo, you're expanding your horizons. You and a friend could plan a vacation that you're really excited about. It could involve a trip by air, perhaps across the ocean. The trip is mainly for pleasure, but it probably involves a place you've always been interested in and are anxious to see, so it's an educational trip as well. You have a lot to look forward to. Make the most of it and have fun.

December 31, 2021

You'll be in the mood to party tonight, lovely Lion, as the Sagittarius moon revs up your engine while illuminating the sector of your chart that governs friends and fun! These vibes are also perfect for styling yourself up, so don't feel bad if you decide to get a little extra with your New Year's Eve look. If you're on the hunt for new work in 2022, you could end up meeting a new professional connection, thanks to a supportive aspect between the sun and Uranus. Don't be afraid to rub elbows and network a bit, as this energy could take you to new and exciting places in your career. 

Opochtli Podcast #273 - Last Podcast of 2021

December 29, 2021

If you've been spending too much time in close quarters with your family or significant other, things could get a little tense this morning, thanks to a series of harsh aspects in the sky. If you can swing it, try to get out of the house in favor of a long walk or brunch with someone you can air your grievances to. Luckily, this energy will dissipate as the afternoon begins to unfold, and a helpful alliance between communicative Mercury and gracious Venus can help you smooth over any bumps that might have manifested in your relationships earlier in the day. 


Opochtli Podcast #272 - Sundial and SHIB

Nov 12, 2021 - Today an organization dedicated to spiritual pursuits may open its doors in your neighborhood. This might be of special interest to you and your partner. You might want to go and check the place out. You could meet some interesting new people, hear about some fascinating ideas, and perhaps discover some new books. Be prepared for a fun evening.

Opochtli Podcast #271 - Elon to Sell more Tesla Stock?

Nov 11, 2021 - You should feel emotionally stable today, but you may feel a bit unsure of yourself when it comes to data. Someone is challenging your way of thinking and demanding that you take a step farther out on the fragile limb. You're happy on the part of the branch that's much thicker and more stable. Feel free to stay there if you don't feel comfortable taking a chance now.

Opochtli Podcast #270 - Shiba Inu crypto to the moon!

Nov 1, 2021 - Exploring your intellectual interests might get your curiosity going, although whatever knowledge you gain may bring up more questions than answers! You'll also want to get together with close friends or your partner to discuss this new information. You'll learn from them and they'll learn from you, so by the end of the day your head should be buzzing.

Opochtli Podcast #269 - Mexican Heroes Youtube series

Sep 22, 2021 - You might be thrown off balance by the flightiness of today, Leo. Perhaps it's difficult to make a decision about anything. Try not to get too caught up in the gossip swarming around you. People may talk quite a bit today, but what you should be concerned with is substance. You want results and action, not empty information and promises.

Opochtli Podcast #268 - Getting Pulled for illegal air freshners

Aug 5, 2021 - Your normal steady pace usually wins the race, Leo, but today you might need to take some shortcuts. Jump on opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere, but don't feel like you need to commit to anything now. Take your chances and see where luck takes you. There's an adventurous spirit in the air urging you to take an unexpected gamble.

Opochtli Podcast #267 - Buy the Dip (GME & AMC)

Aug 4, 2021 - Do you have a desire to take a trip far from where you live, Leo? Would you like to live in Europe or Asia? These are desires that you may have at the moment because you're in the process of widening your field of possibilities. See if you can seriously set up a project of this kind. People will be confident in your solidity at the moment.

Opochtli Podcast #266 - Paper handing work

Aug 3, 2021 - An invitation to an important social event could come today, Leo. This may be a chance to meet important people who could advance your career in some way or who might be involved in a field that interests you. Your own energy and enthusiasm won't be lost on them. You will obviously be speaking from the heart when you discuss what's on your mind.

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