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Opochtli Podcast #143 - Tarahumara Life Motivational Message YT

Short podcast today because I want to listen to Smile Bitch by Lil Duval before work:


Opochtli Podcast #142 - Asking a stranger if they need a ride in the 70’s

just a random discussion on giving strangers rides

Opochtli Podcast #141 - Jazz lose to Thunder and I lose my hope

just omw to work on this beautiful inversionless day

Opochtli Podcast #140 - Larry’s thumb dislocated by PolyBully

just omw for OT in Silent Hill, Utah recounting stories from high school

Opochtli Podcast #138 - 1 Year aniversario after accident

just looking back at 12/5/2018 when I was rear ended by a negligent driver and failed by the local police department.. omw to work again

Opochtli Podcast #136 - NBA 2K20 My League mode is broke and sucks

I tried nba 2k20, happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Opochtli Podcast #135 - Podbean continues to crash

redoing episode #135 since podbean crashed and deleted the episode-- Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Opochtli Podcast #131 - Use your PTO (Paid Time Off)

discussing paid time off and how not to horde it when you work in office corporate environments

Opochtli Podcast #130 - Allegorical Toltec Aztec Mayan Inca Traditions

Learning from the Jews to recreate our lost culture and traditions before its lost by colonial relentless oppression

Opochtli Podcast #129 - The Hood Pope

demons chasing me, cause they want my dome

Opochtli Podcast #128 - DACA will be revoked? RZA spits fire on JRE

almost shit my pants thinking I was getting pulled over and Rza with the hot fire

Opochtli Podcast #127 - Ok Boomer

aaron Zabriskie and office politics

Opochtli Podcast #126 - Why put Bumper Stickers people can’t read?

trying to read some small ass text on the bumper stickers omw to work this morning...

Opochtli Podcast #123 - Running into Manolo y los rieleros del norte

on my way to my dentist appointment and I tell a story of running into manolo y los rieleros del norte at la Rumba

Opochtli Podcast #122 - Remembering the impact of the ‘08 recession

Just recollecting a story of a lady who fought management over $3.50 during the recession because it was unfair

Opochtli Podcast #121 - Bickering Family and Food Poisoning

just dealing with health issues and ranting about shitty family members

Opochtli Podcast #115 - Call Centers and Mental Health

on my way to grab some grub with the fam and was motivated to do a back to back podcast today. I discuss mental health in the context for the telecommunications industry...

Opochtli Podcast #114 - Kakashi Hatake: the man who lost everything & the difference between Tik Tok and Rumbl apps

Featuring "Sage's run" story of Kakashi and I give you a quick rundown of the difference between the apps Rumbl and Tik Tok as the compete in their short video social media apps

Opochtli Podcast #113 - Waiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare

sorry I think the audio stopped recording at some point... waiting for COD to finish with steven and sunny

Opochtli Podcast #111 - Misconception of the Silent Native American

I have a new role and was subjected to subtle racisim yesterday at work...

Opochtli Podcast #110 - SJC scammed me, Landon Tells scams me and I’m taken aback

omw to work telling how sjc and landon tells scammed me recently and why im a POS for donating to begin with...

Opochtli Podcast #107 - Jordan Peterson most important truth and Being Punished for my virtues

Just ranting about the extra work I'm having to do because other people suck at their jobs